Eric Martin is the current Head of Motion Pictures at Switch Up Entertainment. In the position, he is responsible for finding and developing new motion pictures, as well as overseeing production on all current and future films, short or feature, produced for Switch Up Entertainment.


Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, Eric has been writing since he could hold a pencil and telling stories since he could talk. Starting with journaling and having an active imagination, Martin put all his ideas on paper. At the tender age of 11, he decided he wanted to be a writer. Since then he has attended Cooperative Arts & Humanities Magnet High, a performing arts school he graduated from in 2011 with a creative writing concentration, and the University of Hartford. It was there, during his senior year, when he met Juwan Chambers, a freshman at the University.

That summer Martin reached out to Chambers with an idea he had for a short film he wanted to make. The two discussed the concept, but it fell through. Chambers then suggested they take a script he had written for a class and turn that into the short, which is now One Night. While working on One Night, Martin and Chambers remained interested in their newfound partnership and chose to make a documentary together.


During the summer of 2016, Martin was one of the four people Chambers proposed founding Switch Up Entertainment with. Since accepting the offer, Martin has become more of a producer, helping create and develop a lot of the company's future plans and productions.

Martin holds a B.A. in English Literature and has dreams of sharing his passion for words with the world to foster the dreams of the many young writers to come.

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