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The United States is estimated to house over 300 million people, and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population is approximately 51% women, and nearly 40% people of color (16% Latinx/Hispanic, 5.6% Asian, 14% Black/African-American, apx. 2% other) yet we rarely see this accurately represented in our media.


A 2017 USC Annenberg study on Hollywood inclusion revealed 31.8% of speaking roles were roles, 10% of writers were women, and 7.3% of directors were women; It further revealed 29.3% of speaking roles were people of color (6.2% Latin/Hispanic, 4.8%  Asian, 12% Black, 1.7% Middle Eastern 4.6% other), and 9.2% of directors were either Asian or Black. Do note that speaking roles are not exclusive to lead or supporting roles, they include the extras who speak; something as simple as a cashier or driver or police officer who speaks within in a scene counts towards speaking roles.


Since the year 2009, 52% of frequent moviegoers are women and 45% are people of color. Even with proof that majority of consumers are not white men, and the commercial proof that diverse casts and crew make more money, there is still inequity when it comes to representation and inclusion. Although strides are being made, more can be done to achieve equitable inclusion in front of and behind the camera.


Switch Up Entertainment is the home of quality independent productions that entertain, inspire, uplift and challenge audiences. Through film and TV, we promise to deliver productions that abandon conventions and stereotypes; to bring forth true diversity and equity to the media world for women and people of color. Switch Up Entertainment vows to stay true to the projects and most importantly, ourselves. We will change the game.


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