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JADED is a free weekly audio podcast created by Albert Christie and co-hosted by Christie, Juwan Chambers, Diamond Tillman, and Eric Martin. On Jaded, the four Switch Up Entertainment founders talk about all the things that make them jaded. The topics range from dating to societal issues like race and more. It launched Friday, April 09, 2020, exclusively on Soundcloud. By May 29, 2020, the podcast debuted on the Apple Podcasts app.  

Slightly before the COVID-19 Pandemic, Christie suggested doing the podcast as a way to create quick content, gain exposure, and expand their following. After talking and playing around with the idea, the four hosts recorded their first episode in April in their apartment. On July 13, 2020, with 12 episodes released, the hosts entered a hiatus. The podcast resumed Sunday, February 7, 2021 and was available on Spotify the next week on Valentine's Day.

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