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1 IN 71

 1 in 71 a dramatic short film written and produced by Eric Martin and Juwan Chambers, who once again directs. The story follows a soft-spoken college student struggling with being assaulted by their significant other. The short stars Sébastien Louis and Melody Vasquez and is produced by Albert Christie and Diamond Tillman, with Cathy Stelling serving as Executive Producer.


Martin and Chambers began writing the film in the summer of 2017, shortly before the #MeToo Movement took over Hollywood. The film took 1 day and a half to shoot and served as Chambers’ senior year thesis film. While showing a rough cut of the film to his class, Chambers received pushback against the events that unfold in the story. The professor and his classmates urged him to change the story due to the Hollywood headlines, but Chambers resisted and pushed forward with his vision for the story.

The film was released on YouTube on January 5, 2018, and submitted to several film festivals. The short made it to the semi-finals of the Trinity Film Fest and garnered 138 views in the first 24 hours, and was lauded by viewers. Since its release, the film has totaled 646 views online. In January 2020, the film won the Best Director Platinum Award at the Mindfield Film Festival - Albuquerque for the Nov/Dec Bi-monthly competition and became a finalist for their annual event, set to take place late August 2021.

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