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One Night is a 2016 short film written by Juwan Chambers and Eric Martin, and directed by Chambers. It follows three college students as they deal with the aftermath of an imprudent night. The short stars Nick Turner, YouTuber & dancer Daisy Infantas, and Stacy Muema, all of Chambers' friends.


This is the duo's debut as writers and Chambers's directorial debut. During 2015, Martin reached out to Chambers with an idea he had for a short film he wanted to make. The two discussed the concept, but it fell through. Chambers then suggested they take a script he had written for a class assignment and turn that into the shortThey financed the film by raising money through GoFundMe. This short film was the beginning of Switch Up Entertainment, although they did not form the production house yet.


One Night was released on Youtube and Vimeo on December 9th, 2016, and has since garnered 1,092 views on YouTube alone.

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